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3D Urban Planning
and Environmental

By overlaying a wide range of geospatial data on actual terrain, you can create easy-to-understand, 3D worlds that allow all concerned parties to easily visualize and evaluate the aesthetic, practical, and environmental impacts of a proposed project or natural event.


Real-time collaboration tools enable engineers, architects, surveyors, and other team members to jointly explore and analyze accurate 3D visualizations while providing the editing capabilities for on the fly adjustment.

Proposal Evaluation

Provide stakeholders with a detailed, photo-realistic 3D model of future development plans that brings to life the locality’s future development plan, allowing them to evaluate design options and provide essential feedback and guidance before the project proceeds.


Time-based data visualization combined with powerful terrain analysis tools provide critical information for effective natural disaster management planning.

Customer Showcase

Adelaide, Australia

A dynamic and continually expanding city, Adelaide created a 3D spatial...

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Chunghwa Telecom

Commercial geoportal for local Taiwanese businesses.

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Data Fusion

Mobile Application

Indoor Navigation

Accelerated Creation and
Streaming of 3D Models

Subterranean Exploration

Dynamic Presentations

Optimized Cache Databases

Powerful Servers

Open Standards

Analysis/Measurement Tools

Flexible Deployment Options

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