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for Web

TerraExplorer for Web (TE4W) is a lightweight 3D GIS viewer that enables you to view and analyze high-resolution, stunningly realistic 3D content in a web browser, without any plug-ins. The employment of HTML5/WebGL standards allows TerraExplorer for Web to provide support for multiple platforms and browsers. Built on the powerful Cesium open source library, TerraExplorer for Web further extends the core functionality with additional capabilities and enhanced performance.

Lightweight 3D GIS Application

Online viewing solution

> No plugins
> No downloads
> No installation

Multi-Platform, Multi-Browser

HTML5/WebGL standards

> Windows, Mac, Linux
> Chrome, Safari, Edge, Opera, Mozilla Firefox
> iOS, Android


Fusion of various geospatial data types

> Terrain
> GIS feature layers
> Imagery and elevation layers
> KML layers
> Urban model layers

Measure and Analyze

Highly accurate analysis tools

> Distance and area measurement
> Graphic terrain profile

Optimized Performance

Enhanced user experience

> Fast loading times
> Smooth navigation

Access Data

Integrates with other SkylineGlobe products

> TerraBuilder terrain databases
> PhotoMesh’s 3D mesh models
> Online data from Skyline’s SkylineGlobe server and other OGC-compliant servers