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The SkylineGlobe software suite sets the standard for 3D desktop and web-based applications, enabling an enterprise to build, edit, navigate, query, and analyze realistic 3D environments, and rapidly and efficiently distribute them to users.



Fully automates the generation of high-resolution, textured, 3D mesh models from standard 2D photographs.


Merges 3D mesh models together with classification layers, and other model layers into a multi-resolution and stream-optimized 3D Mesh Layer database (3DML).


Merges aerial photos, satellite images, and digital elevation models of different sizes and resolutions into a photo-realistic, geographically accurate terrain database.


TerraExplorer for Desktop

Cutting-edge 3D GIS desktop viewer and creator for viewing, querying, analyzing, and presenting geospatial data in a high resolution 3D environment, as well as creating and publishing realistic 3D views.

TerraExplorer for Web

Powerful web-based 3D GIS viewer and editor with advanced capabilities for viewing, analyzing, presenting, and creating 3D views in a high resolution 3D environment.

TerraExplorer for Mobile

Advanced 3D GIS viewer and editor for Android and iOS mobile devices with professional-grade tools for viewing, querying, analyzing and editing massive online or offline datasets in a high resolution 3D environment.

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SkylineGlobe Server


Powerful network data server technology for streaming 3D terrain geographic data from terrain databases (MPT) or directly from the original sources to thousands of concurrent remote users (TerraExplorer or WMS clients), accessing virtually unlimited sized databases in low-bandwidth situations.

Feature Layer

Powerful network data server technology for streaming feature layers from databases or pre-cached layers to TerraExplorer or WFS clients, that also provides remote clients with read-write access to edit and save changes to the data source.

3D City Model

Powerful network data server technology for streaming multi-resolution, stream-optimized 3D Mesh Layers to remote TerraExplorer clients.



TerraExplorer’s rich API provides a complete, straightforward way to develop powerful, customized 3D desktop applications.


TerraExplorer’s powerful 3D GIS viewer and editor can be embedded in a website, and its robust capabilities supplemented by custom functionalities created using TerraExplorer’s comprehensive API.


TerraExplorer’s mobile app provides a full API for custom feature development, along with easy-to-implement localization, branding and UI customization options.

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