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Developer - API
Reference Guide

Using the TerraExplorer for Web (TE4W) app as a foundation, you can leverage the application framework and functionality, thus reducing the amount of programming required for your customized solution. This includes:

  • Customization of your users’ TE4W by creating new configurations or custom TE4W applications
  • Localization of all the text in TE4W’s sidebar menu tabs and dialog boxes.
  • Expansion of TerraExplorer for Web (TE4W) capabilities with JavaScript tools. The tool/application’s JavaScript can include access to Cesium API and access to any of the TE4W API objects
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TerraExplorer for Web (TE4W) API provides TerraExplorer objects that extend the Cesium API with custom methods for the loading and accessing of layers, navigating, drawing geometry objects, creating advanced terrain objects, performing analysis, and more.

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