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Mining, Oil & Gas

The SkylineGlobe 3D solution enhances safety, increases efficiency, and saves money in all phases of the mining, oil, and gas operations by providing a seamless, real-time visualization of all relevant geospatial data.


SkylineGlobe software provides a single interface for comprehensive access, visualization, and analysis of data above and below ground or water.


Modeling capabilities combined with sophisticated design tools, and interoperability with other systems, allow users to create strikingly accurate 3D visualizations of the extraction site and of design alternatives.

Sharing and Collaboration

Real-time collaboration tools enable users to explore and analyze data together, and make joint decisions over a coordinated and comprehensive 3D enviroment.


The ability to visually display threats in conjunction with relevant geographic data supports both offsite simulations of intended response plans and command and control of the rescue operations themselves.

Management and Security

Integrate SkylineGlobe into operational and production systems to manage assets and monitor their movement using positioning information. With data on all assets in one place, spatial queries can easily be performed to identify the closest location of a required asset.


Catalog Database

Wide Range of Geospatial Data

Subterranean Exploration

Accelerated Creation and
Streaming of 3D Models

Advanced Drawing Tools

GPS Sensor Feed

Optimized Cache Databases

Powerful Servers

Mobile Application

Analysis/Measurement Tools

Video on Terrain

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