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3D Defense
and Intelligence

The SkylineGlobe suite enables you to create a geospatially-referenced operational picture that serves the needs of every level of the military hierarchy, from the real-time visualization of the battlespace by senior commanders, to the rapid and easy-to-use tactical analysis capabilities required by the warfighter.

Skyline Defense Demo: Mission Planning

Mission Planning,
Rehearsal and Debriefing

TerraExplorer's powerful analysis capabilities, including: line of sight, viewshed analysis and threat dome, significantly enhance geospatial understanding of an area.

Command and Control

View live updates to imagery, terrain, assets, and friendly and enemy forces location information, as real-time sensor data becomes available.

Asset Tracking

TerraExplorer's interfaces to GPS Tracking, "Cursor on Target", “Link-16",standard GPS feeds and specific UAV platforms facilitate automated, real-time asset tracking and management.

Intelligence Analysis

Dynamically combine and analyze large amounts of data for swift, accurate assessment of an adversary's capabilities and vulnerabilities.

Customer Showcase

US Army Geospatial Center

The Army Geospatial Enterprise (AGE) GeoGlobe is a worldwid...

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Colombian Air Force C4I2

Integrated into the Colombian Air Force’s Command and Control and...

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BlueBird UAV Systems

BlueBird Aero Systems specializes in the design, development...

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Data Fusion

Wide Range of Geospatial Data

Dynamic Updates

Accelerated Creation and
Streaming of 3D Models

Open Standards

Dynamic Presentations

Optimized Cache Databases

Powerful Servers

Federated Network

Analysis/Measurement Tools

Collaboration Tools

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