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Skyline offers developers flexible, easy-to-use application programming interfaces (APIs) and tools to create robust, customized desktop and web applications. Extensive API documentation, including sample code and reference guides, is also provided.

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The TerraExplorer Desktop API provides powerful methods for integrating TerraExplorer and custom applications, as well as for creating extensions that can access external information sources such as databases or geospatial files. All of the interfaces, based on the COM protocol, can be managed through scripting (e.g., JavaScript) and non-scripting languages (e.g., C++ or C#).

Custom TerraExplorer for Web applications can be built by creating custom HTMLs with the TE4W window embedded inside. The TerraExplorer for Web API can then be used together with its underlying Cesium API, or any other script to customize and enhance the functionality of your web application.

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