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Terrain Service

Powerful terrain and map service technology for streaming vast geospatial databases to thousands of remote TerraExplorer and WMS clients, with comprehensive server management and federated network capabilities.

Terrain Service

Streams 3D geographic data to thousands of concurrent users

> Serves terrain databases (MPT) created by TerraBuilder to TerraExplorer desktop and mobile clients
> Serves unprocessed terrain databases using the DirectConnect extension
> Provides easy server management and control
> Efficient handling of massive databases


Streams massive terrain databases and raster layers to all OGC WMS/WMTS client applications

> Increased interoperability – make your maps and data available online in an open, internationally recognized format
> WMTS serves locally stored, pre-rendered tiles that do not require image manipulation or geo-processing
> Serve both 3D and 2D maps from the same database
> Web-based management system

Smooth Streaming

Users can navigate through a seamless terrain

> Streaming is unaffected by latency or breaks in connectivity
> Users can begin accessing the 3D environment without waiting for entire frames of data to display

Serve Data on Demand

Avoid time-consuming re-creation of complete terrain database files using SkylineGlobe DirectConnect

> Serve fused terrain project (TBP) to remote TEP and WMS clients using SkylineGlobe server
> Eliminates need to recompress source files into single 3D terrain database (MPT) each time source data is updated
> Optimize DirectConnect project by referencing pre-processed optimized versions of sources in their native formats

Federated Network

Provide a global view that fuses geospatial data from geographically distributed servers

> Distributed data concept enables the data for each geographic area to be provided and managed by those who have the latest data
> Data from each node is automatically fused (without a central repository) into a comprehensive, consolidated dataset
> Users connected to any of the nodes fly on the same composite globe with the most updated data from each node
> Remote caching capabilities provide critical redundancy

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Version v6.6.1 for Windows