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for Mobile

The app can load local TerraExplorer projects as well as access online data from SkylineGlobe Server and other OGC compliant servers.


Geospatial layers seamlessly fused for photo-realistic visualization

> Terrain
> GIS feature layers
> Image and elevation raster layers
> Urban model layers

Analyze the Terrain

Increase understanding and improve decision making with a comprehensive set of powerful analysis tools

> Distance and area measurement
> 3D viewshed
> Terrain profile
> Shadow analysis

On the Go

Extends the reach of 3D GIS from the office to the field

> Online viewing and editing (WFS-T)
> Load offline kits published by TerraExplorer Pro
> Mobile optimized UI


Robust feature and white board editing supported

> Local and remote geospatial layers
> Geometry and attributes
> White board for local sketching


Localization, branding & functionality

> Your language
> Your logo and app name
> Add and remove menu entries and forms
> Full API for custom feature development


Wide range of navigation options

> Presentations with predefined flight paths
> Locations and favorites
> My device location tracking
> Online address search
> Underground navigation


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