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3D Mesh Layer Service

Powerful 3D city model service technology for sharing and managing 3D Mesh Layer (3DML) databases created from PhotoMesh city models together with classification layers, individually modeled layers, and BIM datasets. The 3D Mesh Layer Service streams fully textured, and geospatially-enabled 3D city models to thousands of remote TerraExplorer mobile and desktop clients.

3DML Service

Streams optimized 3D city models to thousands of concurrent users

> Streams 3DML databases to all TerraExplorer applications
> Supports spatial and attribute queries
> Streams mesh layers from 3DML files and from the Oracle Spatial, SQL, and PostgreSQL servers
> Allows remote clients to update attribute data, writing all changes directly to the data source

Smooth Streaming

Users can navigate through a seamless 3D World

> Streaming is unaffected by latency or breaks in connectivity
> Users can begin accessing the 3D environment without waiting for entire frames of data to display
> Streamed 3DML layers are integrated seamlessly in TerraExplorer, and can be measured, analyzed, and queried using TerraExplorer’s advanced capabilities

Full Scalability

Support thousands of concurrent users

> Multiple servers can simultaneously stream vast 3D databases
> Server clustering supports efficient server management, increased scalability, load-balancing and redundancy

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Version v6.6.1 for Windows